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Concept There are several different basic composite hull structures that boats use. In the fiberglass world, there are double hulls and single hulls. Double hulls form an extra watertight barrier so that even if the outer hull is penetrated, the inner hull will be able to keep the ocean out. Single hull boats only have one layer of hull structure. Because of the different properties of these hull designs, different mounting techniques must be used for various components in the boat.  There are numerous ways to mount an inverter to the inside of the hull, for my single hulled Cal 34 I decided...

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*** all products in photo are available in-store or click HERE *** Your winter oil change It is a good idea to change motor oil before winter. Warm up the engine so that the oil will drain more completely. Give the cooling system a fresh water rinse using a flushing port. Drain and refill the oil; replace filters. Space Heater ≠ Winterization! Electric space heaters often provide an economical source of dry heat for boat cabins. Some modern ones designed for homes are reasonably safe to use, even on a boat. But every year there are many boat fires caused by electric...

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