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gig harbor gondola, motoscafi, venice, Venice Regatta October 2016 -

Living in the maritime city, even when I travel I find myself heading toward boats and water. I just returned from the city on water, Venice. Of course Venice is filled with beautiful architecture and art, but there is another beauty to be seen everywhere cruising along the waterways.  The first boating experience we had was the water taxi, or motoscafi. We arrived late in Venice via train late in the evening, and as we stepped out of the station were greeted by the pouring rain. I was planning to buying a 24 hour pass for a public water taxi, but we...

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Kayak lessons, Kayaking, Point Defiance -

Our Friday practice session was great!!! It was a sunny day with moderate breeze and a large incoming tide. Barry, Scott & Teresa paddled from the boat ramp to Sunrise Beach, took a short break, then paddled hard to Point Defiance. After taking another break and a good look at the tide rip happening off the point we decided to do some rescue practice. ("It's really fun getting spun around on the currents while climbing back into your boat." ~Barry)Another brisk paddle back to the west shore without getting too far south and we worked our way back up the...

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Eddyline, Kayak, Kayak Symposium, Learning, Lumpy Waters, Paddling, Ship To Shore -

It's Thursday afternoon, and I'm so excited I can hardly get my work done. Why? Because as soon as we close the doors to the shop I'm off, heading for the Oregon coast to Lumpy Waters 2014! I rush to my car, all packed, gear prepped and ready to go, all I need is my partner in crime Romuald, who is going with me for the weekend. Since it's nearly a five hour drive we planned to stop south of Portland for the night and continue in the morning. Several hours worth of kayak talk later we crash for the...

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