Kayak Practice Session

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Kayak Practice Session

Our Friday practice session was great!!! It was a sunny day with moderate breeze and a large incoming tide.
Barry, Scott & Teresa paddled from the boat ramp to Sunrise Beach, took a short break, then paddled hard to Point Defiance.

After taking another break and a good look at the tide rip happening off the point we decided to do some rescue practice.
("It's really fun getting spun around on the currents while climbing back into your boat." ~Barry)
Another brisk paddle back to the west shore without getting too far south and we worked our way back up the shore to the Harbor.

And don't worry, this was a more advanced day because all three paddlers are competent in those condition and were wearing full immersion gear (drysuits in this case).
When deciding where to go and what to do we always take into account the experience level of anyone attending and tailor the plan to that.

So let's go paddling sometime!