New Lights! (Some assembly required)

New Lights! (Some assembly required)

Some boats can become extremely complicated in meeting their electrical requirements. My 1969 Cal 34 "Halcyon" rolled out of the factory with a basic 12V system; limited to some simple cabin lights, bilge pump and running lights. When it came into my possession, this is what I had to start with. The time has come to add some additional lighting options forward of the main cabin. I fell in love with the customization options of a basic color changing LED strip available on Amazon. Not exactly a purpose built marine grade product, but the last set has held up for two years of every day use and boat life and they are inexpensive enough to have a spare lying around. I have already completed an instillation to light the main cabin and now it is time for the rest of the boat.

The newer generation of these light strips have a 3M sticky adhesive back which is essentially useless for permanent adhesion on a boat. I have found that another 3M product, "Command Flat Cord Clips" product code 17305-CLR work perfectly in combination with some 4200 fast cure. This renders the lights completely removable, while the 3M clips are clear and discrete.

The only thing that makes this instillation a little more challenging is finding the correct spaces to run the wires forward while hiding everything well and maintaining serviceability. I don't pretend to be a master designer of electrical systems, but the basic guidelines that I am aware of include avoiding the bilge, and being aware of heat caused by the engine. With these in mind I will be running the wire out of the battery compartment in the starboard side quarter berth and through the engine room to the port side quarter berth. From there I will need to go through a couple stowage compartments and both main bulkheads in Halcyon. 

I used Ancor "but connector splitters" to power both sets of lights from the same main duplex wire. Here are the rest of the materials and connectors that I used. 

Completed instillation!





  • Lucas

    Thanks! Good call, fixed it.

  • Spark

    Nice addition. Now, about the spelling of “installation”. Sorry, can’t help myself.

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