Salt-Away Professional Strength

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Removes Salt Deposits • Inhibits Rusting and Corrosion

Better than water - spray it on, give it a few minutes to work, and rinse salt stains and deposits away. No scrubbing necessary in most cases. 
This 16 fl oz (473 ml) spray bottle contains an extra-strength Salt-Away formulation designed for use on stubborn salt accumulations. In cases where there is very heavy salt accumulation that has bonded to the underlying surface, additional applications may be necessary. 
Use this strong formula on sailboat blocks, pliers and other hand tools, hinges, sliding bolts and other hardware, canvas snaps and zippers, diving equipment, printed circuit boards, electrical switches, gauges and meters, electrical connectors, padlocks and locksets, battery posts, etc. 
Salt-Away helps prevent rust and corrosion by dissolving and suspending salt deposits, then leaving a protective rust inhibiting film. 
• Safe for all surfaces - metals, paint, gelcoat, nylon, vinyl, glass, wood, leather, rubber, canvas... 
• Regular use leaves a coating that prevents future salt build-up 
• Chemically formulated to rinse clean and not leave residual salt spots. 
• 100% non-hazardous, non-toxic, bio-degradable - safe to use near plants, fish, pets, children 
• Water-based, contains no petroleum components or solvents 
• Will not remove previously applied protective coatings, lubricants, or inhibitors such as Boeshield or WD-40