Salt-Away Garden Hose Mixing Unit

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The best and easiest way to dispense Salt-Away, just connect to your hose and spray!
We recommend using the garden hose mixing unit for large jobs as the best way to dispense lots of solution over large surface areas.
The reservoir holds 6 oz of Salt-Away concentrate — enough to make 24 gallons of sprayed formula.

The Mixing Unit is the required delivery system for applications such as pressure washing, most inboard engine flushing procedures, as well as all outboard, I/O, and PWC engine flushes.

• Made with a 3-position valve (Off, Rinse, Salt Away)
• One end is constructed with male threads for a nozzle and the other end with female threads for easy connection to a garden hose
• The unit, itself, makes a convenient "handle" for spraying the solution
• Tested to withstand water pressure up to 60 psi
• Mixing Unit mixing ratio is 1 part concentrate to 512 parts water