Mildew Cleaner

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Get amazing cleaning power without the damaging side effects of bleach-based cleaners. The bleach free formula provides deep cleaning while also laying down a UV protective coating.

Ideal for cleaning vinyl and canvas tops, headers, seats, shower curtains, inside cushion covers on all of your marine equipment. Z Care Mildew Cleaner also works on outdoor furniture, umbrellas, decks, bridge covers, dodgers, golf and recreational equipment.

• Spray Z Care Mildew Cleaner liberally on the surface of area you need to clean.
• Wipe off with a sponge or cloth or work in with a soft brush as needed. It may need to soak to remove the mildew.
• After you have the mildew removed, spray the surface with Z Care Mildew Cleaner and allow to dry in the sun if possible, drying thoroughly.
• Z Care Mildew Cleaner contains bio-surfactants and cationic surfactants to prevent the re-growth of mildew.