LifeSafe Butyl Caulking Tape

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Butyl tapes help prevent and reduce costly water damage. This tough rubber, pressure sensitive mass, offers excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces — with no applicator required.

This is the familiar tape used to seal automobile windshields — and you know how good a job it does there!
Used on boats for sealing hatches, home windows, mirrors and doors, air conditioners, house vents, use to seal fasteners, use in campers and RVs, aluminum grain silos, other farm and agricultural uses.

• Helps prevent costly water damage
• Use to seal out dirt, dust, moisture and water
• Easy to use tape format
• Soft and conformable - 1/8" thickness fills surface irregularities
• Low moisture vapor transmission value
• "Double Sided" with convenient peel off paper liner

This Butyl Tape is packaged with an attractive illustration label and comes in a rugged, reusable, resealable package for storing.