CorrosionX (6 oz.)

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Use CorrosionX to eliminate corrosion and protect all metal surfaces of your boat, trailer and dockside equipment. Especially recommended for railings (keeps stainless from pimpling), hatches, powerheads, antenna bases, hinges, latches, throttle cables, steering mechanisms, seat swivels, locks, travelers, winches, pulleys, furling systems, tracks and on any other gear that would benefit from lubrication
• CorrosionX is especially suited for marine applications
• Essential protection on electrics
• It does not attract dust
• Outperforms lubricants fortified with Teflon®
• Heavy Duty is a thicker film version of regular CorrosionX that forms a dripless, dynamic, non-hardening, self-healing film
• Aviation is the most useful, effective and versatile corrosion inhibitor/lubricant/penetrant available. Unique Polar Bonding technology causes it to lubricate better and longer, creep and penetrate faster and further