4000UV Fast Cure Marine Hybrid

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3M's most versatile adhesive/sealant.
4000UV is a one-part, hybrid adhesive sealant that cures to form a firm, rubbery, waterproof, UV resistant, removable bond.
It can be used above or below the waterline.

4000UV is resistant to weathering, saltwater, and stresses caused by joint movement and temperature changes.
It remains flexible, and seals between mechanically fastened joints on wood, fiberglass, most plastics, and even metals.

A truly UV stable product, its superior UV resistant properties makes this an ideal above the waterline adhesive sealant.
Unlike polyurethanes, hybrid sealants will not yellow, or leave black streaks from portlights running down your hull.

Unlike the popular 5200, 3M 4000UV is removable.
This makes it ideal for use in applications requiring periodic maintenance, re-bedding, relocation, or future modification.
The very similar Hybrid Adhesive Sealant 730 is available in a clear version — see Related Products, below.
Consider Scotch-Seal 540 Adhesive Sealant, if a gray product is required in this strength range, but note that540 is a polyurethane, not a hybrid.

Very high flexibility (low Shore A Hardness) makes 4000UV Fast Cure especially suitable for bonding materials with different coefficients of thermal expansion.

• Tack-free: 20 min
• Tensile strength: 250 psi
• Shore A hardness: 40
• Elongation: 790%
• Overlap shear strength for gelcoat (70°F): 424 psi
• Use above or below the waterline
• Excellent for bonding metals to wood or fiberglass
• Fast curing; tack-free in about 20 minutes
• Non-sagging; non-cracking
• Less than 1% VOCs; low odor
• Non-shrinking; paintable (test for suitability)