291 Medium Strength Adhesive

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Sikaflex-291 is an economical, non-sagging, polyurethane-based sealant and medium duty adhesive.

This is an all-purpose product used for general sealing applications such as deck hardware and equipment.
It is resistant to weathering, seawater and ultra-violet radiation, but will yellow if exposed to the sun.

Sikaflex-291's permanent elasticity and medium strength, make for relatively easy disassembly, should that be necessary; use razor wire as a tool.
Not available in small tubes.

• Use above or below the waterline
• NSF & USDA approved for potable water
• Low viscosity - easy to gun
• Paintable, sandable, tools with soapy water, and skins over fast (60-90 minutes)
• Use soapy water (never alcohol) to tool polyurethane sealants or adhesives
• Bonds very well to itself and other cured polyurethanes
• For use with bare aluminum or stainless steel prep, with Sika Cleaner 226
• If you require Sikaflex-291 in gray, we recommend you use the very similar Sikaflex-221 Gray; see Related Products, below
• The 10.3 oz cartridge is used with a caulking cartridge gun and the 3 oz is a squeeze tube, no cartridge gun required.