12V 20MA LED Wedge Base Bulb

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Operating at much lower temperatures and energy requirements than conventional lighting sources, these bulbs are safe to use around flammable materials and where they could be touched. LED bulbs are shock and moisture resistant and there are no filaments to crack or shatter. These white LED bulbs use approximately 1/10 the current and have an average life at least 50 times longer than comparable incandescent bulbs.

The wire contacts on these bulbs are bent up onto the sides of the bulb's plastic base, where they make contact with the socket, which is narrower at the bottom than at the opening, giving it a wedge shape.

• Trade# equivalents are not listed for these bulbs
• Voltage range: 10.5V - 15.8V
• Life: 50,000 hr
• Lower heat generation than comparable incandescent bulbs
• Not for use in navigation fixtures
• Priced and sold by the each