Tenacious - Clear Repair Tape

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Tenacious Brand repair tape is ideal for fast in-the-field repairs on tents, tarps, rain gear, fishing gear and more. The super aggressive adhesive sticks to almost any surface and can be used for a variety of flexible, long lasting repairs.
The see-through non-gloss finish is almost invisible, eliminating the need to match colors on fabrics and other materials. Instantly seals leaking seams, tears and pinholes, stops rips from spreading and acts as an abrasion-resistant shield on high-wear areas.
Can be used in conjunction with McNett Urethane Adhesives for ultra strong repairs.

• Includes one 3"W x 20"L strip of tape (60 sq. inches)
• Instant peel-and-stick repairs
• Stops rips from spreading
• May be used on synthetic and natural fabrics