Rangeley 15 Wooden Row Boat

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The Rangeley: It was first built in Maine in the 1900s as a fishing guide boat. 

Cold molding techniques were used which utilized System 3 epoxy (silver tip) and fiberglass over bead and coved cedar strips.

The logs were salvaged from various locations around the Puget Sound and were used for the construction of the hull. The logs were personally milled into lumber on the builder's Woodmizer sawmill and allowed to air dry for two years.

The spooned Oars are handmade from spar grade Sitka Spruce. 


  • Length (LOAL): 15'
  • Beam (BOA): 46"
  • Beam (BWL): 41.25"
  • Center depth: 14"
  • Depth at bow: 22.5"
  • Weight: 95 lbs.
  • Capacity: 675 lbs
  • Year built: 2016
  • Wood source: Salvaged Western Red Cedar, WA