Pump Spray Air Purifier

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Kanberra Spray Air Purifier is a natural anti-microbial product which degrades mold, mildew, fungus, and bacteria — and then prevents them from coming back. It provides hard surfaces like walls and floors, as well as curtains, cushions, and carpets with long-lasting mildew protection.

Unlike other odor eliminators, which simply slow mildew growth by absorbing moisture from the air, the blend of tea tree oils in Kanberra Spray is an active anti-microbial agent which actually eliminates the mold, mildew, and bacterial spores.

• Not an odor mask - actively degrades the source of the odor
• Safe around kids and pets - the ingredients are actually on the label
• Most effective in closed spaces, as air exchange will dilute the vapors
• No plugs, no wires, no tearing of bags
• Ideal for lockers, bilge spaces, heads, wet lockers, and boats in storage, or just closed up at the dock.
• Equally effective for home use — musty closets and basements, storage lockers, cabins, vehicles, gym bags, etc.
• Will not affect the color of fabrics, carpets, or stuffing
• Unlike ozone generators, will not degrade rubber hoses and belts, or wire insulation