Mold/Mildew & Odor Control - Fast Release Formula

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High strength and fast release. Fast Release Formula begins working immediately to eliminate mold, mildew and odors. The chlorine dioxide based formula oxidizes odor causing molecules on contact. It is the most effective solution for dealing with situations such as a waste or fuel tank leak, or the musty odor that forms during winter storage. After the area has been treated, use Slow Release Formula to keep it odor-free.

• Note: This high strength formula is not to be used while people or pets are present

• Fast, effective way to eliminate foul odors from enclosed areas
• Removes mold, mildew and associated odor, as well as musty smells, food and smoke odors
• Ideal for treating strong odor in stored boats, RVs, garages and vacation homes
• Treats enclosed areas greater than 10 ft by 10 ft