MerMaid Plexiglass/Plastic Cleaner & Polish

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Cleans, shines and protects today's high-tech plastics! This product is to plastic what window cleaner is to glass. One-step, easy to use solution that works great on vinyl windows and plastics of all kinds. Recommended by AutoHaas, maker of Plexiglas® and GE, maker of Lexan®. Museums use it on their acrylic displays.

Use it on boat vinyl windows, aircraft windshields, motorcycle windshields/fairings; it cleans CDs and DVDs, computer screens, greenhouse; golf cart windows, convertible windows and plastic mirrors, home appliances, eyeglasses, bathroom and kitchen faucets and chrome, granite and marble countertops.

  • Restores clarity, prolongs
  • Anti-fog and anti-static
  • Optically clear
  • Made in USA