Eddyline Rio Kayak

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The Rio is expressly designed for the small to medium paddler looking for a recreational style kayak with some of the performance features of a more advanced kayak design.  While smaller and lighter than many kayaks, the Rio kayak presents a delightful combination of comfortable stability with a very playful and efficient hull that will tempt the paddler to experiment with more advanced paddle strokes.

Keeping up with other touring kayaks is easy in this boat while the extra light weight and smaller size make car topping and easy storage a joy.  Except for its smaller size, you would think the RIO is a full-fledged sea kayak. Rio is fully equipped with Eddyline’s fusion bulkheads and water tight hatches bow and Stern, deck lines and retractable carry handles as well as our comfortable infinity seat system and thigh braces.

The Rio is a kayak that will bring a broad smile to your face every time you paddle it.